Saule Suleimenova : Art, Activism, and Sustainability

To deeper connect to the artist, TiA brings you a series of interviews with artists from around the globe. Our passion at TiA Talent is making art accessible and celebrating art from a wide variety of cultures which are often overlooked in Western Europe. This series allows us to connect artists, who use different mediumsContinue reading “Saule Suleimenova : Art, Activism, and Sustainability”

Can Sustainability and Art Stand Together?

As the world evolves to combat climate change, our societies are increasingly looking for more sustainable ways to function. Often, as consumers, we place pressure on companies to work to be more sustainable, however, we also seek to modify our own behaviour to help cut our own carbon footprints. How do we balance modification withContinue reading “Can Sustainability and Art Stand Together?”

Virtual Exhibition “Voëlvry” by Kendell Geers

Amsterdam, like many cities across the world, is currently in the midst of another lockdown. Yet again, art lovers are facing another long exhibition drought. However, the bustling art scene has yet to bow out, instead opting for innovative ways to showcase the rich collections on offer across the city. Amsterdam Art, which promotes theContinue reading “Virtual Exhibition “Voëlvry” by Kendell Geers”

NFTs: An Art Trend or the Future of Art?

NFTs: An Art Trend or the Future of Art? What are NFTs? NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens have grown in popularity since the creation of the first token in 2014. NFTs are digital images that each hold a unique data unit that details ownership of the artwork. Just like more traditional artistic images and pieces, theyContinue reading “NFTs: An Art Trend or the Future of Art?”

Enjoying Art to Strengthen our Mentality

Enjoying Art to Strengthen our Mentality   People across the world are increasingly viewing mental health management as an important part of our lives. The ongoing pandemic has reminded all of us that self-care is a necessary part of our routine. The increased time spent at home has led more people to engage in newContinue reading “Enjoying Art to Strengthen our Mentality”

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