Democratizing Art Through Collaboration and Reproduction

Is the era of ‘high art’ coming to an end ? This subject remains debatable in the art world recently. Artists and art movements have been challenging the exclusive and parochial world of ‘high art’ since the dawn of Pop Art in the 1960s. Pop Art saw the celebration and integration of consumer culture, notablyContinue reading “Democratizing Art Through Collaboration and Reproduction”

The Superflat Movement

The Superflat movement was born in 2001, when Takashi Murakami coined the term in order to inaugurate a new post-modern, yet quintessentially Japanese style of art. This movement fused Pop Art with the Japanese art canon and post-war culture. Traditionally, Japanese art has rejected 3D imagery, instead embracing ‘flat’ art through bold outlines and placidContinue reading “The Superflat Movement”

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