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camille lemoine
French music producer and composer

Kerenar is a French musician based in Lyon. He lived a creative childhood minted by music, learning the piano, jazz and classical music, and exploring many musical genres.


At the age of 18, he decided to specialize in jazz piano at his departmental conservatory district, and then in Paris at the CIM jazz and actual music institution. He also worked as a model in agencies for many years.


It wasn’t until years later at 28 in 2020 during the pandemic, that he came to electronic music through experiments with synthesizers, Djing, mixing and mastering his tracks. Taken under his brother’s wings who already worked in the music industry bringing him knowledge and confidence, he became a producer.


He discovered Progressive House, Melodic House and Trance. His style blends with electronic music, deep, epic, peaceful and lyrical sounds with classical piano.

Lex Ovoli

French singer, writer, composer

Lex Ovoli is a young, multi-faceted artist from Lyon. Originally from Picardie, he has been singing and writing poetry since he was very young. His favourite genre being French song, he puts on an equal footing the melody and the meaning of the texts in his compositions.


At the age of 22, Lex learns to play the guitar and immediately begins to compose with the writings of his young age. Without any musical training, he elaborates his compositions with only his musical ear.


When he discovered his High Potential at the age of 30, a surge of confidence made him want to expose his universe to the public. He then recorded his EP in the studio entitled “Au fil de l’eau”.


His texts combine various fields such as philosophy, science or romanticism in a perpetual quest for meaning. As for his melodies, they are a reflection of his complex personality of High potential, Bipolar and Polymath.


But the artist is not only an author/composer/performer; he is also and above all an unconditional creator. He has created and still creates board games, a novel, an association, and is passionate about research in mathematics, palaeontology, philosophy and psychology.


Lex Ovoli is currently in preparation for his first EP that will be revealed in the next coming months.



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