Barry Penter

Barry Penter is an Australian artist who has been living in Hanoi for over 4 years.

His work is focused on the creation of Realistic and Hyperrealistic graphite drawings which embrace the human condition. His path is one of continuous exploration of his chosen medium along with the improvement of his skills. As a humanistic, empathetic, patient person, he is searching for those moments or images which speak to the heart.

But to do that, many hours are put into each work to bring together an image which is technically accomplished, yet is still capable of being seen as a piece of art. Most of his pieces take in excess of 250 hours of work, especially as he focuses more and more on larger drawings up to 1 meter by 700 mm.

During his time in Hanoi he has been invited into several exhibitions, has provided workshops on Realism and provided input to discussion groups on art. He has been featured in an article in Vietnam Oi magazine. Recently, he participated as a judge in the Expressions International Art Contest 2021.

He has a keen interest in introducing Realism and Realistic drawings to the Vietnamese art scene and encouraging those Vietnamese artists who work in this realm.

TiA Talent has the honour to collaborate with CHAU & CO Gallery in Vietnam to represent artist Barry Penter in France.

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