Christèle Lefay

1.How do you work on your paintings?

I work on large formats, with acrylic paint, most often on the ground. I am inspired by old books on plant biology, photos, memories of landscapes, but especially by the nature that surrounds us. I do not work on the motif. I paint rather fragments of plants, layers of rocks, grasses…, with simple forms oscillating between the abstract and the figurative. I search, draw, take back, tear, simplify the composition. I use a liquid paint and I apply it in many layers. Thanks to this, the canvas is built up little by little. I put the colour in flat, it is the link between the background and the form.


2. Why did you decide to become an artist?

During my studies, I hesitated between sciences and Fine Arts, finally the Arts took over. I have indeed an attraction for the sciences. I appreciate the stories of explorers and scientific popularizers such as Hubert Reeves, Ernst Haeckel, Charcot… I am attracted to wide open spaces and colour, so I instinctively turned to painting. What seems important to me is to first observe and then experiment, reflect and transmit. This approach is closer to the scientist, but it opens the mind of the painter that I am.


3.What inspires you in your creation ?

I am inspired by plants and particularly by the tiny, the microscopic. Thanks to this loss of reference, I bring a new vision that allows us to better understand Nature. I am also sensitive to the many issues facing our planet. Through my
painting, I try to show all its beauty and to awaken the consciences. It is a peaceful action, but necessary, because we are all concerned and responsible. Nature is beautiful and makes me dream.

Let’s keep this precious balance, Nature is our ally!



School of Fine Arts in Angers. DNSEP option art in 1993


— Exhibition at Ateliers cours Duplessis, Versailles
— Look and breathe at the Anticafé, Art New Wave event, Lyon

Opening of the artists’ studios, Versailles

Paper arts (return and continuation), Arteva event, Nantes

Nature(s), Artquest gallery, Paimpol
Artothèque St Cloud

— The Small Formats, gallery “À Vous de Voir”, St Mathurin sur Loire
— Endowment fund of the Versailles hospital center, Espace Richaud
— Group exhibition of the arts of 9ᵉ and 18ᵉ, Lycée Jacques Decour

— Solo exhibition, Atelier la Gouge et le Pinceau, Paris 18ème
— Small formats, AVV gallery, St Mathurien sur Loire
— Nov’art, contemporary art trail, Villevêque
— The Illustrations, La Vagabonde bookstore, Versailles

– Regards croisés”, collective exhibition, café des Négociants, Nantes
– La nuit tous les chats sont gris”, collective exhibition, Manufacture des Tabacs, Nantes

“Baroque Exuberance”, group show, Centre de Musique Baroque, Versailles

— Project “comic opera and plastic arts”, St Elisabeth school, Paris
— Group exhibition, galerie de la sirène, Le Mans

— “Microcosm of plants”, FIT company space, Nantes
— Project “Small stories of art”, St Joseph school, Le Mans
— “The other ephemeral gallery”, Le Mans
— The small market of our 16 years, gallery le Rayon vert, Nantes

— “Landscape”, collective exhibition, le Rayon vert gallery, Nantes
— “Vegetal”, gallery la sirène, Le Mans

— Drawing, La Sirène gallery, Le Mans
— Gallery le Rayon Vert, “Petit marché de l’art”, Nantes
— The “Arts Papiers”, Château de la Groulais, Blain

2006 Le temple du goût gallery, personal exhibition, Nantes


Château de la Groulais, Blain


— Gallery le Rayon Vert, “Eloge de la couleur”, Nantes

—  La Laverie Gallery, personal exhibition, La Ferté-Bernard


— Gallery le Rayon Vert, “Petit marché de l’art”, Nantes

— Ephémère Gallery, Le Mans


Michael Page exhibition, Nantes


—”Idea of nature in contemporary art”,
Project with the Beausoleil school, Cesson-Sévigné

—”Kunst supermarkt”, Berlin-Frankfurt

— Jean Boucher Gallery, Cesson-Sévigné


“Kunst supermarkt”, Frankfurt


Meissner Gallery, Frankfurt


“Végétations”, Café Littéraire Ypsillon, Frankfurt

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