Léo Yamada



Léo Yamada is a Japanese artist born in 1990. He studied interior architecture in Tokyo and then obtained a Master’s degree in spatial design in Lyon, France in 2018.

During his childhood he was influenced by his grandmother who was a painter and art teacher. When he was 15, the Keith Haring Museum was built next to his parents’ house. The works in this museum strongly influenced him. Today, he draws his inspiration from Japanese pop culture, his personal history, and pop artists.


Exhibitions and Art fairs




  • Group show Reflet, Galerie épice, South Korea
  • Solo show Usual Unusual, MPB gallery, Paris
  • Solo show Kasa , Le Pavé dʼOrsay , Paris




  • Teague Art Fair
  • Klamp Gallery, Teague, South Korea
  • Group show Break in Emergency 4, 4bysix, New York
  • Group show Invitation, Popi Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
  • Urban Break, Klamp Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
  • Art Taipei, Contemporary Tokyo, Taipei, Taiwan
    Group show Observation Time, Popi Gallery, Seoul, South Korea