Series "Portrait"


Series “Portrait”

Kasa is a portrait of a person living in this modern era.
In the modern society, various information is digital are digitalized: the truth and virtual images are mixed and saturated. We look for the virtual image in reality, and reality in the virtual image.

We are grateful of information that accumulates at a lightning speed. After the appearance of smartphones, social networks have developed rapidly. The algorithms democratized and rationalized information that circulates constantly. People’s mind unconsciously was dyed in others colours. From this information, we seek peace in a favourable truth that has been collected, unconsciously, we intensify it.
What you have thought you have thought, what you have expressed, is it really you? Who are you?

As an artist living at this time, Léo Yamada tries to understand the way in which he pursues the expression of these contradictions that exists in modern society.

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