Marie Huguen

My primary inspiration is the living world in all its complexity, its abundance, its forms and its colours. Each of its elements, whether from the plant, mineral, animal or marine world, gives me a feeling of admiration. Each of its forms – geometric, interlaced, fractal – have a hypnotic effect on me. Flowers and leaves in particular are an endless source of inspiration for me.

From these natural forms come images that I need to put on paper, I take inspiration from reality to sublimate it and, even beyond that, to distort it to create an imaginary world and to allow access to the dream by creating universes which exceed the barriers of the concrete.

To do this, within each creation, I interweave different forms that respond to each other, intermingle and make new ones appear to the eye, through the play of the counter-forms. These mixtures create movement reminiscent of the living character of nature. The use of colour is also essential; through its light and multiplicity, it provokes a vision of abundance and phantasmagorical luxuriance.

Creating these paintings is a way to immortalize this dreamed nature, to have it around you as if it became possible to extract a part of it to insert it in your personal environment, to be able to take it with you and live in an imaginary world.

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