Professional Service

Professional Service

Mural painting in Nantes by artist Florina Aledo Perez.

Mural Painting

Renovating your space with mural art. Our artists have rich experiences in drawing murals and create artistic spaces for home, stores, offices, etc.

Exposition 'R'Évolution de TiA Talent au Loft 4-40
Art exhibition at Loft 4-40

Art Leasing & Acquisition

Increasing work efficiency for your employees by creating an artistic ambiance in your workspace. Furthermore, tax deduction is a great advantage for enterprises in France who purchase artworks and support artists.


Pierre Laurent Champagne
Miu Shinoda x Pierre Laurent Champagne

Artist-Brand Collab

Increasing your brand engagement and customer experience by collaborating with our talented artists via advertising campaigns, limited edition production, packaging, etc.

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