Le dos (plat)


  • Details : Glazed stoneware plat fired at high temperature.
  • Waterproof and washable in water.
  • This artwork can be reproduced up to 3 examples (form and weight can be slightly changed)
  • Artwork available for pickup in Saint-Malo or shipping worldwide.


“Le dos (plat)” by Laure Zurcher

We  work directly with artists and guarantee the authenticity and provenance of our artworks.

About Artist :

Laure Zurcher is a ceramist based in Saint-Malo, France.

At the beginning, Laure Zurcher travelled to the Strasbourg region and France to provide lighting for the performing arts in the Strasbourg region for a dozen years. But the desire to create pieces which could stand the test of time naturally orientates her on the path of ceramics. The mystery of the pieces found in the Prehistoric excavation fascinates her.

The discovery of the possibilities offered by flexible and generous earth with two plastic ceramists from Strasbourg between 2009 and 2012 appears like the top of the iceberg. It is the beginning of what will become her passion. Her arrival on the Breton coast in 2013 was the trigger element, the desire to explore this material becomes significant, these new horizons and the majestic surrounding nature inspire her, so she sets up her workshop there.

First in a neophyte way, then very quickly her achievements and opportunities to exhibit her work led her to professionalize her steps. More specialized training is essential and inspiring in its research and the production of her pieces.

In her workshop in the city of Besnard in Saint-Malo, there was therefore retraining operated by many training courses : first at the European Institute of Arts and Ceramics in Guebwiller in 2013 near her native Franche-Comté, then in Ger in Normandy where she has been training regularly with the Ceramics Museum and the Exchange Lands group since 2015.

A change of professional life driven by a will : “I became a potter ceramist to give an effective durability to everyday objects. In any case, that’s my goal.” Working stoneware and porcelain at high temperature, two clays that are both raw and quite difficult to master until the results of the final cooking. She focuses her research inspired by nature, in what it offers us as irrational, authentic and meditative.

“I seek the limits of the material as much as I can satisfy myself and accept the emerging surprises of these explorations. With my interpretation, I would like to suggest the movement, that of the wind which ends up deforming the trees exposed to the image of life which brings us its share of changes”.

Since 2020, she has been supporting the team at the Ceramics Museum for a small half of the year



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 25 cm


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