Sakura II


  • Medium: Oil painting on canvas
  • Year : 2022
  • Size : 200 cm x 90 cm (2 pieces)
  • Condition : Unique artwork in perfect quality
  • Authenticity : Artwork sold with an invoice and a certificate of authentication.
  • Delivery : Artwork available for pickup in Lyon, 3-5 days in France, 5-10 days in other countries.


“Sakura II” by Miu Shinoda

We  work directly with artists and guarantee the authenticity and provenance of our artworks.

About Artist :

Miu Shinoda is an artist based in Lyon

1988 : born in Shizuoka, Japan

2011 : Bachelor of Education, Aichi University of Education, Aichi Japan

​She has participated in group exhibitions events in Paris, New York and Tokyo,…, collaboration work with global brands, and create mural paintings.

I believe that “joy” and “escape” are two sides of the same coin, and I am interested in expressing and researching this emotion and awareness that humans have.

People feel joy in various situations. Sometimes when we are faced with something unpleasant, we try to emotionally “escape” by feeling a strong sense of joy. I have been creating artworks for many years as a way of counselling myself in the wake of mental exhaustion. The action I unconsciously took to escape negative emotions was to paint, and it was an act that gave me pleasure.

In the course of our lives, we have created many forms of entertainment to enrich our lives. In recent years, with the development of the IT society and the spread of smartphones, entertainment has become more and more accessible. I feel that my home country, Japan, is also abundance. There are karaoke, pachinko, manga, TV, games (TV and cards), origami, pet boom, and entertainment(sex industry).

However, I believe that the excessive supply of entertainment was born and developed as a result of seeking escape from suffering.

The spirit of Buddhism, which has been believed in since ancient times in Japan, begins with the phrase, “All is suffering. It is based on the premise that “our world is full of things that do not go our way,” and as a result, a lot of entertainment was created as an escape from suffering.

When we look around the world, we notice inequalities and contradictions, and we feel guilty.

In moments of joy, we are escaping them. But escape is not a bad thing. And joy itself is not necessarily a good thing, as it can be valued in a negative or positive relationship with applicable morality. Through my work, I am confronting the common human emotion of “joy” and the behaviour of “escape. I want to share with viewers the time to face their own lives and society.

As a means to achieve this, I use “flower” as a motif, a symbol of joy, and express the momentary image of feeling “joy” and “escape” in my paintings by coexisting figurativeness and abstraction.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 205 × 5 × 95 cm


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