Untitled 2 (Dust, Hanoi)


  • Dimension : 32 cm x 32 cm
  • Material : Graphite and Tobacco Ash on Paper
  • Year of creation : 2021
  • Artwork delivered without frame, signed by artist, and sold with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Shipping worldwide.


“Untitled 2 (Dust, Hanoi)”

by Tedd Nash Pomaski

Tedd Nash Pomaski was born in Hawaii in 1975, to an American father and a Vietnamese mother, who emigrated to the states several years earlier. He attended the famous Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied architecture, textiles and painting.


Throughout his career, Tedd has worked in a variety of media, ranging from abstraction to photo-realism. Pomaski’s work is, at its core, about the passing of time, and moments of transition between life and death, creation and destruction, volume and void. However, he particularly acknowledged Hanoi as a huge source of inspiration that led to a complete change in his approach to creating arts.

After moving to Hanoi, Tedd started to develop a special drawing series called “Dust, Hanoi” portraying the sublime beauty of nature in delicate fragments of leaves, flowers, tree branches, floating clouds and magnified molecules of dusts, surrounded by what seems to look like metal and steel piles.

Is there anything more Hanoi than that? Where the soft collides with the hard and the refined collides with the raw and real? Utilizing the most inexpensive drawing materials of charcoal, graphite and tobacco ash with all the versatility and tonal values they offer, Tedd amazes us with his uncanny mastery of sophisticated fluidity in shades and forms that takes years to develop.

This artwork is a piece of the series “Dust Hanoi”.

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Dimensions 32 × 3 × 32 cm


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