Mont Blanc Roses


  • Material : Japanese pigment on Japanese paper (washi) glued on wood, collage
  • Dimension : 145 cm × 112 cm
  • Frame : Artwork sold with frame
  • Authenticity : Original artwork signed artist and sold with a certificate of authenticity
  • Delivery : Artwork is available to pick up in Lyon (France) or shipped worldwide


“Mont Blanc Roses”

Nihon-Ga painting by “Uraraka Matsuzawa”

About Artist :

Uraraka MATSUZAWA was born in Chiba, Japan. She graduated from the University of Fine Arts of Tama (Tokyo), she moved to France in Lyon in 2011.

She uses the thousand-year-old techniques of Nihon-Ga painting and renews this traditional art by the abstraction of the Western painting. Uraraka imports Japanese materials that she uses in her works.

The three main materials comprise (1) the paper “washi”, made from the scent of the “murier kozo; (2) the pigment used in painting, comes from various precious minerals such as cinnabar made red, malachite made green, azurite made blue etc…; (3)The glue of deer skin which is mixed with pigments.
Thanks to these materials that give the matte impression on paintings.

During her studies, she has discovered Nihon-Ga and fancied its colour and subtlety. Afterwards, she oriented herself in this art style.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 150 × 5 × 117 cm


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