• Dimension : 42 cm x 34 cm
  • Material : Drawing by fine liners
  • Year of creation : 2017-2018
  • Artwork delivered without frame, signed by artist, and sold with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Shipping worldwide.



by Wian Wurz

About Artist :

Wian Wurz is an illustrative artist hailing from the surrounds of Cape Town, South Africa.

Working mainly in black-on-white pen on paper, he has been strongly influenced by mythology, folklore and literature, and draws artistic inspiration both from these sources, as well as classical visual arts movements such as surrealism.

He has exhibited in South Africa, South Korea, and Vietnam, showing work in group-exhibitions as well as solo shows. He currently resides in Hanoi, Vietnam.

About Artwork :

Non-linear narrative is the hidden linchpin in nearly all of his work, as it serves as the driving force used to generate the images that end up on the paper. A strong interest in mythology, folklore, and literature allows him to create images which lend themselves to viewer-interpretation and -narrative construction. The aim is the creation of a sort of archetype of the Story, played out again and again in different fashions.

The frame or landscape that serves as a setting for these stories is usually a living creature, although in his newer work he’s shifting the focus away from this form and experimenting with repetitive forms (for example, very broadly speaking, mandalas) instead.

Technically, he strongly prefers detail-oriented drawings, black ink on white paper. In summation, as he’d encourage any viewers to get lost in the drawings for a minute or two, see what stories you see, and remember: the devils are in the details.

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Dimensions 42 × 3 × 34 cm


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