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Trust in Art

TiA's Mission

The beauty exists everywhere. It is either created by Mother Nature or through our imagination. When it comes to beauty, each of us appreciates it differently, depended on our sensibility, personal background, and our culture.

We consider art as a universal language that brings people together. It can build a deep bonds of shared emotions, beliefs, and senses in a diverse multicultural community.

Nowadays, contemporary art is the key of innovation and renovation. It becomes essential in our modern life, especially in enhancing brand’s engagement, renovating public spaces, or connecting to local communities. For this reason, TiA collaborates with multinational emerging artists who support our values and the agency’s vision.

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Key values


Connect artists to institutions, brands, and community worldwide.

Human first

Build meaningful and long-lasting human relation. 

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Make art visible and reachable to all.


Highlight authentic values and deliver bespoke services.


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