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Be Bold
be Curious

It takes the courage to pursue our passion.


We choose to create a life of ‘less’ ordinary.


Our authentic relation with art has begun with the reflection upon the society, then our care for humankind and nature.


We aspire to nurture the inner world of each individual. Ultimately, it is the space that we engage a whole life with.

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Any TiA-er has a personal story sharing how art spiritually and aesthetically become a piece of their life.


We believe that no artist is the best artist, only the one has not been exposed in time. Thus, those who are striving to be the best version of themselves should be supported and rewarded.


From the ground up, our co-operation with artists is highly built on trust and confidence.


TiA community also aims to inspire the young generation to rethink of art as a modern kind to express their lifestyle.

TiA Talent Founder

Camellia Dao

Camellia Dao (Thi My Dao) is a Vietnamese-born entrepreneur living in France since 2017.

She grew up in Vietnam and obtained a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Vietnam University of Commerce. In France, she has accomplished a Master study in International Finance and Economics.

After many years working in intercultural environments in multiple roles, she decided to start her own business and develop her passion in the Art and Culture domain. In 2020, inspired from her work experience at L’Occitane en Provence, she launched The Perfume Culture project to promote the authentic perfumery culture from Grasse, the World Capital of Perfume. Then, in 2021, she represents TiA Talent as a hub for rising artists, while her long-term goal is to make TiA become an engaging community for multinational emerging artists and art insiders worldwide.

Learn more at : https://camelliadao.com/

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